Beneficiary: TOP3184 Fafaragó Kft.

Project title: Development of a prototype of an ergonomically positionable office chair

Support amount: HUF 49,994,200

Support rate: 65,94%

Presentation of the content of the project: Modern man spends a significant part of the active time of the day in a sitting position that overloads the human body adapted to a basic standing position or movement. Perhaps the best known consequence is back and neck pain and a wide range of other musculoskeletal disorders. This is also shown by the fact that official estimates put the cost of musculoskeletal disorders at 0.5 - 2% of GDP, in which chronic diseases account for a significant proportion, and this group of diseases is the leading cause of days off work. is. In addition, prolonged and poorly positioned sitting plays a key role in the development of a number of chronic and popular internal medicine diseases. This sitting disease syndrome ranks fourth on the list of so-called preventable causes of death. Poor posture and poorly chosen seating are therefore one of the biggest and most enduring harms to which we expose ourselves. According to experts, there is no universal chair that would be ideal for everyone, in any workplace. The ideal, ergonomic chair fits the person's abilities, the work he or she does and the user environment. The goal of ergonomics is to coordinate tasks, tools, and human anatomy. The recommendations developed in this context can be found anywhere for all office equipment, however, in the case of chairs, they have only a limited effect in practice, because there is no stepless and truly ergonomic, ie chair that can be adapted to different body positions on the market. According to our survey, some structural, biomechanical, or ergonomic problem can be identified in each of the available seating devices. The aim of the professional program is to develop a modular chair system that can be adapted for people with different anthropometric parameters by replacing and adjusting the basic elements, and in addition to functionality, it represents a design that can be integrated into various office environments. The design and adjustment options of the system represent solutions that can be used to maintain the correct posture in each of the different uses - this wider range of adjustable office seating is not available. In terms of design, technical solutions and material use, the goal is to find a solution that is compatible with the office environment and that, on the whole, represents innovative and real and user-friendly benefits. In addition to product development, it is essential to develop customized marketing tools that can effectively and efficiently communicate chair-related information to target groups. From a technical point of view, the aim is to develop the foundations of the production technology required for the planned modular system, which enables flexible, environmentally friendly and cost-effective outsourced production in small series.

Project completion: 28.02.2021.

Project identification number: VEKOP-2.1.7-15-2016-00145