Modern man spends most of his active time in a sitting position which overloads the human body, which is basically adapted to posture or movement. Perhaps the most well-known consequence is back and neck pain and a wide range of other musculoskeletal disorders. The importance of this is also illustrated by the fact that official estimates put the cost of musculoskeletal disorders at 0.5 to 2% of GDP, with chronic illnesses being the dominant contributor to this group of illnesses, too. In addition, prolonged and poorly-positioned seating is a major contributor to many chronic and venereal diseases and plays a decisive role in its development. This sitting disorder syndrome ranks fourth in the list of preventable deaths. Poor posture and the wrong choice of the seat are thus one of the greatest and most lasting harms we expose ourselves to. According to experts, there is no universal chair which would be ideal for everyone at any workplace. The ideal ergonomic chair fits the individual's capabilities, the work he / she does and the user environment. The purpose of ergonomics is to combine tasks, tools and human anatomy. The recommendations made in this framework can be found everywhere in all office equipment, but in practice they are only of limited use in chairs because there is no infinite and truly ergonomic chair that can be adapted to different postures. According to our study, there is a structural, biomechanical, or ergonomic problem identified with each of the available seating devices.

The goal of the professional program is to develop a modular chair system that can be customized for individuals with different anthropometric parameters by replacing and adjusting the base elements, and, in addition to being functional, represents a design that fits into a variety of office environments. The system design and adjustment options provide solutions that can be used to fit the correct posture in each application - this wider range of adjustability is not available in office furniture currently available. In terms of design, technical solutions and material usage, the goal is to find a solution that is compatible with the office environment, providing an overall innovation that is both real and user-friendly. In addition to product development, it is essential to develop customized marketing tools that effectively and efficiently communicate chair information to target groups. From a technical point of view, the goal is to lay the groundwork for the production technology required for the planned modular system, which enables flexible, environmentally friendly and cost-effective outsourcing of small batches. TOTAL, therefore, is the development of a modular chair system that enables the coordinated installation of a variety of size base members and adjusts the chair in different dimensions to suit different postures as you work. In addition, the modular nature of the system enables efficient production in small batches.

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