The European market offers a wide range of chairs ("ergonomic", "spine-saving", "posture-improving") with only the height of the seat, the height and inclination of the backrest and the height of the armrest. In fact, they are more likely to be considered comfortable chairs because they are characterized by a number of orthopaedic and ergonomic imperfections. The purpose of the development is therefore to produce a prototype of a chair that is typically customizable to the office chair (typically office writing / computer use / reading) and therefore has a durable but classic chair that takes into account morphodynamic, ergonomic and design aspects. its primary task is to develop a detachable but stable anchorage system, which forms the basis of the modular system, which includes the main carrier structure and its attachments (seat, backrest) and ensures infinitely variable, fast and stable adjustment in all directions, and the ability to fit basic sizes of different sizes. The message to be conveyed to the users is the design and functionality of the sedentary group (creating the right and comfortable posture). in terms of cost and variability, we strive to use standard commercially available machine building components. This makes it easy to adapt the special technical seating to the needs of different consumers and to allow future product variants to be developed (eg. extra heavy-duty version, children's model, etc.).