The planned development is based on the recognition that there is no marketplace for seating that suits the individual needs of users at the same time and fulfils the professional expectations of extended ergonomics. The innovation performance of the development represented by the chair system can be summarized as follows: The development integrates ergonomics, design and orthopaedics. In ergonomics, it is known that this forward focus involuntarily results in a typically inclined and inclined posture, which is an order of magnitude more strain than the generally recommended straight-up 90-degree sitting position. This significantly overloads the spine and muscles of the person designed for walking and non-permanent sitting. The chairs available today are not able to adapt to different postures, nor can they provide adequate support for the body or arm, so one of the most important goals of the development is to find a solution. - The frame system to be developed will, like most modern car seats, provide practically infinite and stable adjustability for seat length, height and tilt, and backrest length, height, tilt, and back and seat positions, and armrest position. - The frame system can accommodate multiple sizes of base elements - The modular system also allows chairs to be fitted with different sizes and shapes of seating and backrest to fit the user's body and health, and to produce different versions - Manufacturing technology, common frame system and component compatibility will allow manufacturing process costs to be kept low or outsourced, ensuring flexibility of supply and optimization of inventory levels with unchanged quality One of the goals of technology development is to design, modularize, adjust develop design and technical solutions that take into account the technical, ergonomic, orthopaedic and therapeutic aspects. To this end, besides users, design and modeling will involve expertise in all relevant areas to identify specific user needs and identify other anthropometric parameters. It is important to create a system that can be varied in many ways due to its modularity, yet it is cost-effective, practical and healthy.

Nowadays it is not enough to sell a healthy product, but at the same time it is necessary to deserve the "smart" label if we want to appear on the market with a "visible" product. To this end, we have incorporated a development approach that can make our chair “smart”. We are integrating an 8-censor electronics system or cloud-based application into our healthy chair development that will be able to assess and signal bad user position. In addition, a cloud-based GDRP-compliant database can provide measurement and coordination of certain occupational health status assessments and treatments to deliver tangible and quantifiable benefits to our major customers, that is, companies, by reducing their high value-added musculoskeletal problems.